In am a NSERC post-doctoral fellow at McGill University in Dr Simon Reader and Andrew Hendry labs.

My research focuses on the ecology and evolution of individual differences in behavior, life history, and physiology that we observe within populations. I focus on the role of individual phenotypic variation in eco-evolutionary dynamics. I investigate this topic through multiple projects that lead me to work with pretty interesting people.

  • Individual phenotypic variation and interspecific interactions. I am currently developing a project linking individual risk taking (or boldness) and diet in Trinidadian guppies. The main objective is to understand how the composition in boldness of different populations shapes to impact that guppies have on the community of invertebrates in the streams. In turn, the structure of invertebrate communities in streams can favor particular phenotypes, and explain the maintenance of behavioral variation with guppy populations.
  • Individual phenotypic variation and intra-specific interactions. Along with Orr Spiegel and Damien Farine, I also investigate the evolutionary consequences of group phenotypic composition. In many systems, individual variation in phenotypes harbored by a population or a group is both the result of selection and an agent of selection itself. We recently published a review of this topic. I plan on expanding on this topic using models and empirical studies.
  • I am applying an ecological approach to study the behavior of video game players in virtual worlds. Virtual worlds are structured environments where ecological processes (competition, cooperation, predation, resource distribution) shape the structure of social interactions. This project aims both at informing game design with eco-evolutionary theory, and using video game data to test, refine, and increase the predictive power of ecological theory. Read more about it there.
  • I am also still analyzing the links between animal personality, life history and cortisol stress reactivity in eastern chipmunks with Denis RéaleDany GarantFanie Pelletier, and Patrick Bergeron. I am continuing analyses on water striders to investigate how individual differences and behavioral consistency affect mating systems and sexual selection in collaboration with Andy Sih and Tina Wey.


Read more on my research here

Contact me: montiglio.pierre-olivier@courrier.uqam.ca

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