I am an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Québec at Montreal (UQAM).

My research focuses on the evolution of traits that are expressed during organism-organism interactions. Organisms interact constantly with each other: as predator and prey, host and parasites, or social and sexual partners. During these interactions organisms express spectacular behaviours: they express aggressiveness, they display, or they flee. Predicting the evolution of such behaviours is challenging because the genes associated with these behaviours are simultaneously present in the organism itself and also in its interaction partner. Predicting the evolution of these behaviours is also difficult because they are simultaneously agents and targets of natural selection. To understand the evolution of these behaviours, I build models, conduct field work, and design laboratory experiments on several species.

Read more on my research.

I am currently hiring undergraduate and graduate students.

Contact me: montiglio.pierre-olivier@uqam.ca

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